Jean-Pierre Rudolph, from Strassbourg, France, is mostly known for his work with Rodney Cordner, which created a unique Irish – French duo. Together they play a mixture of traditional and contemporary Irish-Folk songs, with touches of jazz thrown in here and there.

Jean-Pierre has waited over 20 years before recording his first solo CD. During those 20 years, apart from touring and recording with Rodney Cordner, he has worked in many different musical areas. He has been an occasional arranger, producer, teacher, has composed for theatre, and performed and recorded with several bands and singers like Clemens Bittlinger, Dave Bilbrough, The Electrics, Luca Genta, Werner Hucks, Split Level, Albino Montisci, just to name a few.

Jean-Pierre has played in most Europeen Countries, in the USA and Argentina. He studied jazz at the „Conservatoire national de Strasbourg“ where he graduated in 1992. At the same time he has developed a great interest and a passion for arabic and oriental music, which he started to study and play over the past few years.

His first solo project „Amkina Muhmala“ (Lost Spaces) encompasses a great deal of his different influences: Mediterranean styles (arabic, turkish, north-african, greek…) combined sometimes with jazz-like themes and phrasing, not to mention a couple of “folkish“ melodies. As Jean-Pierre calls it himself: „It’s accoustic-urban-oriental-jazz-folk music, or in two words town & eastern“ (as opposed to country & western). Although he often doubles on other instruments like mandolin, mandola, guitar, tin-whistles, fifes etc., it’s the violin, his main instrument, that is featured on this album, with the exception of track 4, where he also plays the ud. Joining him on this recording, are three great young players from Strasbourg who have combined their talents – and commitment – to give the CD its fine, special and defined sound:
– Gregory Dargent: ud ( arabic lute ), guitar
– Fabien Guyot: oriental percussions ( zarb, daf, bendir, riqq, darbuka ), cajon, udu
– Nicolas Beck: double-bass, tarhu (a modern big stand-up fiddle, result of a combination between a few traditional instruments ).

One of Jean-Pierre‘ s focus for the near future, is to bring this music on the road.